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[info]sarajayechan plays him for [info]pokedressing. This Silver is currently in the throes of his character development and none too happy about realizing other people were right and he's been a jerk.

UPDATE: Timeskip! He's mellowed out a bit, is much kinder to his Pokemon and a little more civil with people. But he's still an epic tsundere and his mood swings can be a bit extreme.

Interests (73):

battles, being a fail swimmer, being a tsundere, being alone, being fucked up, being stubborn, being the best, bottling up feelings, caring sucks, definitely not lance, definitely not liking lance, denial, don't touch me, don't you dare pity me, emotions suck, ethan, ethan's a moron, falling from trees, falling into rivers, fighting with clarissa, fuck you dad, glaring, having daddy issues, having issues, hormones are stupid, i'm not cute dammit, i'm right, i'm trying okay, jerkass woobie, lance is a showoff, lance's capes are stupid, lance's hair looks stupid, lyra, lyra is crazy, my pokemon, my pokemon are awesome, never evolving sneasel, not being laughed at, not being teased, not clarissa, not daddy issues, not feelings for clarissa, not feelings for lance, not good with people, not hair ruffles, not having a crush on lance, not head-pats, not lance, not stupid people, not watching lance shower, okay maybe clarissa, okay maybe you're right, piss off team rocket, pouting, rage-angst, repressing angst, romance is stupid, scowling, sneasel, still not lance, strength, stripping my rivals, strong pokemon, stupid sexy lance, sulking, super hard tsundere mode, team rocket failed dad, team rocket sucks, totally not stalking lance, tsun mode on, typhlosion, weaklings suck, winning
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